Sandra has always had a fascination for historical jewelry and adornment – how it is crafted, what details are meticulously added to the basic framework of the piece, the rich color of the metals and stones, and most importantly, the shape and design. These qualities, in combination with an individual piece’s history, the scratches and dents a piece might sustain it its long ownership, why it was worn, or that it is so different from what we wear today create a mystery and complexity that is unrivaled to this day.

Sandra tries to use small details to tie her pieces to the past and bring them some mystery, whether it is a simple bail to a necklace, the shape of an earring, or the texture on a ring. Keeping the pieces simple and more functional brings them to the present. The way stones, pearls and enamel are used can also bring the pieces a historical slant.

The pieces Sandra makes are all hand carved from blocks of wax, cast in the lost wax process, and hand assembled in the metal. Each piece is made by one person, giving each one its own personality.

Sandra has a BFA in jewelry/metalsmithing from The University of Kansas and a MFA in metalsmithing from New York State University at New Paltz. She has been making jewelry for 27 years and teaching for 25.